Virtual Wind Tunnel

There are two forces slowing the rider in cycling: aerodynamic resistance and friction (tyre, pulleys, chain etc). Forward resistance translates in “force” (Drag), the more we an reduce the drag, the faster we can go at same effort.
We can choose the best tyre compound, ceramic bearings, special chains and oversized pulleys but the truth is that aerodynamic resistance accounts for almost 90% of forward resistance.
Aerodynamic resistance is dependent from frontal surface and air turbulence around the rider.

Turbulence can be reduced choosing the correct components like aero-clothing, aero-bottles, aero helmet (if head is in the adequate position), deep wheels etc. You can try this in our lab or in the wind tunnel.
But you, as a rider, still represent the most front surface exposed, the bike is so thin.

With our virtual wind tunnel we can help you find the best behavior on the bike to reduce your frontal surface and to understand if you can hold it for the entire event and at the desired effort. You will pedal on a smart trainer feeling all the resistance that you can feel on the road.
Also we can look if your angles and patterns change while pushing your race pace.

Thanks to an advanced software we can tell you how much time you can gain over a selected distance.