Niklas Quetri was born in Gemona del Friuli on September 24th 1983.

Fascinated by the sports of endurance he has undertaken the Degree Course in Motor Sciences at the University of Udine, followed by a Master’s Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Science.
During his studies he became passionate about the analysis of the movement, studying in depth the acquisition, processing and interpretation of the data that investigate the human movement.

He specializes in electromyographic analysis, kinematics and dynamics, related to the sporting gesture, graduating with a thesis that compares the technical gesture of cross-country skiing with that of a simulator developed by the Italian national Nordic skiing.

Afterwards he worked as a consultant and technician specialized in the analysis of the step, aimed at the construction of individualized insoles for the sportsman, refining the ability to analyze the movement.

In 2009 he founded 4Performance and together with Enrico brings in Italy the Retul system, becoming one of the first certified technicians in Europe. Retul chooses 4Performance as a reference center for the training of future technicians in Italy, for its dissemination activities and Niklas works in closely with the “gurus” of bike fitting worldwide.

Currently Niklas is one of the most expert technicians specialized in biomechanics applied to modern cycling, in contact with the major players in this sector.

He writes for several specialized blogs, collaborates with relevants bike industry brands for the development of materials.

All long endorphin addicted, practice triathlon at an amateur level, looking for the best solutions to propose to the athletes that follows, both for athletic training and for the optimization of pedaling.

The research of aerodynamic detail and intuition on the best combinations of materials have allowed him to collaborate in the bike fitting successfully and continuously with athletes of the highest level.