Luca Girardi was born in Bassano del Grappa on December 26, 1968.

Luca, who lives and breathes the environment of saddles since his early childhood, spends his time curiously watching his grandfather to working and assists to the creation of those saddles that would make history.
In fact, it is from the skilful and skilled hands of grandfather Luigi Girardi that the Selle San Marco was founded. With this legacy and this point of reference, Luca grows between professionals and passion, bringing forward the legacy of the Girardi name and developing a style and attention to detail unique in its kind.

Some of the most innovative saddles like the Aspide model, still in production, together with the design of the “no slippery” embroidery on the saddle are only few of many others products that he developed.

The continuous search for perfection in the details, leads Luca to want more and more from his creations and creates the necessity to collaborate with other professionals. Togheter ASG Bike Science team, a consolidated reality of Bike Fitting, Luca, as free-lancer, developed the Saddle Elan of Scicon and support bike components new developments.