The first step for a perfect bike fit is to know who we are facing; we will then discuss your sporting past, any accidents or injuries, your future goals, physiology and training volumes, etc.

The understanding of the athlete continues through an assessment of your physical characteristics, to determine your articular mobility, any tension or weakness in your muscles, as well as strengths and weaknesses in your body. All data collected in pre-fitting, together with those obtained by Retül and the specific training Niklas, allows us to find the right process to adapt the bicycle to the cyclist.

Changes to the bike are made in real time, using different components as needed, verifying the effectiveness immediately. This part of the procedure is repeated until the desired result is reached.

Not everyone responds in the same way to the changes and we pay close attention to the sensations of the cyclist we are working with. This is an important part of the bike fit, so each variation we test takes into consideration both the Retül data and the cyclist’s feedback.

At the end of the fit, if you wish, you can directly buy the components needed to optimize your bike fit here, having them mounted directly on the bike by our technicians to guarantee you the best job.

While undergoing your bike fit with ASG Bike Science, you will not only have your bike settings and the equipment changed, but we will give you all the advice you need to get the best out of your bike and get the most out of your training. Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, you deserve to push the pedals in the utmost comfort and for the best output, while looking after your body.

What to bring with you?

Your bike, cleaned and in working order, and your shoes. We will look after the rest.

The use of Ftech technical clothing, shower, Wifi and coffee are included in the program. We are cyclists too, and we want to make you feel comfortable.

The average time for a bike fitting session is 2 hours.

In addition, you can visit the ASG headquarters to find out more about us and to better understand what we can offer to you. We will do our best to make you feel at home.