Over the course of a season, it may be necessary to change or upgrade components and equipment used. Based on any previous session we can update your bike to suit your fit, whether it’s changing the frame, saddle, pedals or any other component.

It is important to check that everything is in order because even a “simple” saddle change brings about a different rotation of the pelvis, which affects the support of the hands on the handlebar, knee and / or ankle extension and so on.

If you want to make sure that your bike has retained the measurements we previously set, we can make an extremely accurate check using our “zin pen” method.

Thanks to Retül technology, we can reproduce any adjustments made with a precision of 0.1cm. Having this control is important, for example, after having used your bike over a long period of time, leading to the movement of some screws, or after long journeys that could displace components.