Niklas Quetri was born in Gemona del Friuli on September 24, 1983.

Fascinated by endurance sports, he graduated in Physical Education at the University of Udine, completing a Master’s Degree in Physical and Sports Science. During his studies he became passionate about the analysis of movement (motion), studying the acquisition, processing and interpretation of data, and investigating human movement in depth.

He specializes in electromyographic, kinematic and dynamic analysis, related to sporting movement, graduating with a thesis that compared the technical gesture of cross-country skiing with that of a simulator developed by himself, a Italian Nordic national skier.

Niklas then worked as a consultant and technician specializing in gait analysis, aimed at the construction of custom footwear (plantar) for athletes, refining the capabilities of motion analysis.

In 2009 he founded 4Performance, and together with Enrico brought the Retül system to Italy, becoming one of the first certified technicians in Europe in the process. Retül chooses 4Performance as a reference center for technical training in Italy for its growing activities, and Niklas works closely with Retül’s world-class bike fitting “gurus”.
At present, Niklas is one of the most experienced biomechanical experts in modern cycling, in contact with the major influencers in this sector.

He also writes for several specialized blogs, collaborating with relevant brands in the bicycle industry for material development.

Addicted to endorphins, Niklas competes at an amateur level in triathlon, seeking the best solutions to offer the athletes he works with, both for athletic preparation and to optimize the pedal stroke.

The search for aerodynamic gains and intuition on the best combinations of materials have enabled him to successfully and continuously collaborate with top-level athletes for bike fitting.